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Jumpstart your review by scheduling time with one of our world class trainers. Click the icons below to select a platform for training. You’ll be redirected to a training calendar. Most training requests can be completed same day. Not ready to schedule a session? Need help right away? Check out some additional resources below.


Need an answer now? Simply send us an email using the form to the right. We maintain a 10 minute response time during business hours, but we average around 5. Keep in mind that Chatti, our chatbot has been trained on all of our platforms and may be able to provide step by step instructions for any of your questions.

A list of non-Platinum online resources are also provided below.

1. Reveal Discovery

Reveal Discovery offers a comprehensive suite of eDiscovery solutions, prominently featuring AI-powered document review and data analysis tools. They provide training, certification, and a detailed eDiscovery blog along with various case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of their AI models in real-world scenarios. Noteworthy sections include AI model applications, data cleanup, and resource links for further exploration.

Key Resources:

2. Relativity

Relativity features a range of eDiscovery tools and a platform called RelativityOne, designed to integrate AI into legal review processes. They offer comprehensive training, webinars, and certifications, along with a detailed blog that discusses the latest in AI technology and its applications in the legal field. Their resources are targeted at enhancing user capabilities in document review, case strategy, and data security.

Key Resources:

3. iConect

iConect provides streamlined eDiscovery solutions focusing on data governance and review. They offer an RFP toolkit for selecting eDiscovery tools and host webinars to educate about their product offerings. They also provide options to book demos or request product licenses directly from their website.

Key Resources: